Daily Message from Jim

Monday June 26th

Good morning, We are getting ready for the July 15th 19th and 20th auctions. Pictures should be posted soon. Thanks for a great auction this weekend in Westfield NY. Hope you all got something. Please watch the website for some info on upcoming auctions. Jim

Heading to Ohio

ACGA is FAST approaching us! We are headed to Ohio today to set up the auction glass and do a couple things to polish up the facility.. New LED lights have been installed all through out the facility, floors waxed, lounge areas ready and ACGA has promised a hospitality area second to none!  Come on over and join us. Weds thru Saturday. See you there.!

Thursday, June 8th

Just s few days to ACGA.  I checked around and there are just a couple rooms left at Greenville Inn total. We have surpassed the block at each hotel but they will honor our price. Just let them know you re coming for the auction/convention. Not sure how many rooms are left at Holiday Inn Express.. last friday there were 5 rooms left in total. See you in Greenville, Jim

Sunday June 4th`

Good morning, today we will be finishing up the Engel June 24th auction for you. We loaded the June 16-17 auction on proxibid last night, so that is ready for you if you cannot make it to the ACGA convention. You do NOT have to be a member of ACGA to attend. Have a great day, Jim